Show your local some love with our easy (and affordable) ideas.

From bushfires to COVID-19, it’s been a hard year for lots of businesses around Australia, leaving many coffee lovers concerned their locals will never be the same again. But with a little help from friends in the community, your favourite café could get back on its feet. We spoke to baristas, café owners and coffee lovers to discover quick and easy ways you can help give back.


1. Tip your barista

Tipping isn’t essential in Australia, but with shifts down and many casual staff ineligible for Job Keeper payments, every little bit helps. Try applying the ‘round up’ rule. That is, when you go to make a payment, round it up to the nearest dollar. And why stop at your barista? Share the love to local staff wherever you can. 


2. Look for lunch options

Don’t fancy upping your caffeine intake? Almost five million Aussies claim to have missed their local café during lockdown. So now that restrictions are easing in many parts of Australia it’s time to enjoy dining out (or ordering in!) once more. Commit to getting lunch from a café at least once a week – and don’t forget to support local businesses when you’re travelling to regional areas.


3. Give a shout out on social

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in marketing – so why not use your socials to give a well-loved local café the kudos it deserves? A well-placed message to your wider network or an artful Insta post of today’s brew would do nicely. And, of course, make sure you’re following your café ’s pages or even checking in when you’re there.


4. Schedule a meeting

Face-to-face business meetings are beginning to get back on track, but many workplaces are still closed. Instead of setting up shop in an empty office, try scheduling a coffee, brunch or lunch meeting at a local business in need of support. No meetings? Work from your local café for a change of scene.


5. Pay one forward

Coffee lovers have always been committed to ensuring everyone gets their daily dose of caffeine even when they can’t afford it. So why not apply the same principle to your local café? By paying one forward each time you visit, you’ll be committing to come back for another beloved brew. And, if you can, donate a coffee to those in need, too.


6. Look at what else is on offer

Many café s have diversified their offering far beyond food and beverages – whether it’s selling keep cups, cookbooks, homemade preserves, fresh produce or exhibiting the work of local artists. Take stock of your local café ’s inventory and see if it aligns to what you need at home. Or perhaps grab a few items to make a homemade foodie gift hamper for a friend or family member’s birthday.


7. Ask how you can help

While there are lots of inventive ways to give your café a boost, nothing beats knowing exactly what they need. Ask your local barista or business owner what you can do to help them get back on track, or if they’ve currently got any initiatives in place to raise money or extend support to their network of local producers.