Harris is one of Australia’s original coffee roasters. Founded in 1883, by Edgar Harris, a Coffee and Tea

merchant with a simple mission; deliver quality coffee and tea to the Australian people.

And that he did; sourcing exceptional coffees from Ethiopia, Java, Brazil and other South American countries.


The beans were then roasted locally and sold fresh to Sydneysiders by mail order and through the Harris

flagship shop in the Strand Arcade. Harris built a sought-after reputation that saw the business expand to

supply prominent cafes and hotels and eventually supermarkets when these took-off in the 1950s.

It’s Harris commitment to quality and our ability to adapt our blends and roasts to the changing Australian

coffee palate that has made us one of the most enduring brands in Australia.


We were roasting when Australia became a federation. We were roasting when ANZACs landed at Gallipoli

and when they defended us again in Kokoda. We were roasting when Qantas took their first flight, Vegemite

found its way into Australian households, Don Bradman declared 452 not out, Phar Lap took his victory, and

workers constructed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We were roasting when Cathy ran for gold at the Sydney

Olympics, the nation apologised to the stolen generation and Julia Gillard became our first female PM.


We’re proud of our Australian heritage, our continued service to the Australian people and that almost 140

years on we’re still roasting quality coffee for Australians, right here at our roastery in Sydney.