The AeroPress, it might be the ultimate coffee brewer. Portable and versatile, whether you're at home, camping or on a road trip, with an AeroPress, all you need is some hot water and a bag of Harris coffee to make a banging coffee.

If you’re looking for the original AeroPress recipe check it out here. It’s quick, easy and brews a nice cup. For something a little more fruity try this recipe of ours.


1.Rinse the paper filter

2.Place the filter into the filter cap and attach it to the brew chamber

3.Stand the brew chamber on top of the sturdy cup or mug

4.Weigh your coffee (see suggested ratios below) and grind it to a coarseness slightly finer than a plunger grind (kinda like course sand)

5.Place the mug and brew chamber onto your scale (or not if you don't have one)

6.Use the funnel to put the coffee into the brew chamber (helps avoid coffee going everywhere)

7.Start your timer and pour 30g of near boiling water into the brew chamber and stir to make sure that the grinds are evenly wet

8.After a minute, add the remaining water volume (see ration below) and stir the grinds back and forth for 10 seconds 

9.Place the plunger into the brew chamber about 1/2cm deep

10.Allow the coffee to brew for up to 4 minutes

11.Firmly and evenly depress the plunger until it is completely pressed against the grinds, this should take about 30 seconds.

Pro Tips

1.Rinsing the paper filter removes any paper dust and makes sure that the coffee will extract through the paper evenly

2.Make sure that the mug or cup you brew into is strong and sturdy, as you'll be pushing against it when you serve

3.For this recipe we recommend a starting point of 16g of coffee to 250g of water weight, adjust as desired to taste

4.The funnel helps make sure that no coffee spills out of the brew chamber or gets stuck to the walls inside the brewer

5.If you see coffee coming out the sides of the filter cap, relax your pressure slightly