Ah Cold Brew coffee on a hot day, it's so good. Next time they're forecasting the temp to tip 30, give this Cold Brew recipe a whirl the night before and the next morning, you'll be sipping delicious, icy cold coffee as the heat rises. 


  1. 01

    Make sure that your Plunger is clean and dry

  2. 02

    Remove the plunger and lid and dispense the coarsely ground coffee to the bottom of the Plunger carafe

  3. 03

    Slowly pour your pre-measured volume of fresh, filtered, water (cold or room temperature) over the grinds ensuring that the grinds are evenly wet with no dry pockets

  4. 04

    Place the plunger and lid back on the carafe but do not depress the plunger

  5. 05

    Place the plunger in a cold, dark, place for 12 – 24 hours (we use the fridge!)

  6. 06

    When you are ready to stop brewing, depress the plunger slowly and evenly

  7. 07

    Pour your freshly brewed cold brew into a separate serving pitcher or carafe

Pro Tips

  1. For our Cold Brew recipe we recommend using 200 grams of coffee to 1 litre of fresh, filtered, water

  2. This might, initially, seem like a lot of coffee, remember we're brewing with cold/room-temperature water and don't have the energy in heat to extract coffee into the water

  3. To optimize the extraction of your cold brew, make sure the coffee is coarsely ground.  Plunger grind will suit, but if you have a home grinder you can grind slightly coarser which will result in a slightly softer brew

  4. Again, remember, we're using cold water, so in addition to using a high coffee:water ratio we are also going to brew for a long time – A minimum of 12 hours and up to 24 hours depending on taste.  Play around with different brew times to find which suits your taste buds best

  5. This recipe yields a strong cold brew, perfect for adding milk, alt milks, flavour syrups, or the sweetener of your choice.  If it is too strong, consider adding ice, milk or water to dilute