There has to be a plunger hiding in the cupboard of every Australian household! And for good reason - this classic is super easy, you can brew several cups at once and it delivers a banging coffee. We recommend using our Smooth or Organic Blend for Plunger, but you can brew it with any of our blends.


  1. 01

    Boil water in a kettle.

  2. 02

    Portion out the coffee. We recommend 6g coffee (1 tbsp.) per 100mL water.

  3. 03

    If using beans, grind them right before brewing to maximise the flavour.

  4. 04

    Put the coffee in the plunger and set a timer for 4 mins.

  5. 05

    Start the timer and pour the water over the ground coffee.

  6. 06

    After a minute, take a spoon and stir the grinds into the brew.

  7. 07

    Give it another stir once every minute until you have one minute left in your brew time.

  8. 08

    Let all the grinds settle to the bottom of the plunger in the last minute of brewing.

  9. 09

    Place the plunger top on and gently press down.

  10. 10

    Serve immediately.

Pro Tips

  1. Use the coffee ratio above. If it’s too weak, add 3g more coffee per 100mL water next time. If it’s too strong, try 4g per 100mL water.

  2. If you’re using beans, grind them immediately before brewing (maximises flavour).

  3. Ideally, the grinds should be coarse (like raw sugar). 

  4. If you’re using our ground coffee then note that it’s a fine grind. This is perfectly okay, but we suggest you knock 1 min off the brew time as the coffee will extract quicker with finer ground coffee.

  5. A shorter brew time, like 3 minutes, will result in a brighter coffee, and a longer brew time, like 5 minutes will result in a richer, bigger bodied coffee.