HOW TO BREW: Stovetop


Stove-top espresso is a great way to make coffee at home. The equipment is affordable, it’s pretty easy to make, and delivers a delicious, full-bodied coffee. We recommend our Strong Blend for stove-top, but any of our blends will work well.



1. Start with finely ground coffee, like an espresso grind, and fill the basket so it is level at the top.

2. Fill the water reservoir to just below the safety valve.

3. Place the filter basket into the water reservoir and thread on the top brew chamber.

4. Place the stove-top brewer onto your stove.

5. Turn the burner to a medium heat, and begin brewing.

6. Once you hear the brewer begin to hiss or gurgle, remove it from the heat and serve.


Pro Tips

1. If you’re using beans, grind them immediately before brewing to maximise the flavour.

2. Try use fresh, filtered water. It won’t kill you if you don’t, but it’ll taste better if you do.

3. Stove top brewwers are crazy hot so use a tea towel or oven mitts to avoid third degree burns!

4. After the hiss and gurgle sound stops, open the lid and give the brew a stir. It helps deliver a more balanced tasting coffee. Be careful though - per point above, it’s bloody hot.

5. If you’re looking for a short black, serve it straight-up.  If you want a long black, add hot water from your kettle to the desired flavour intensity. If you want to make a flat white, latte or capp, add frothed milk to the short black.