As one of Australia’s original coffee roasters, we know great cafés aren't just businesses. They're at the heart of local communities - a place people go to relax, laugh and love and dream. Right now, some of these cafes need a helping hand to survive. This initiative is just a small step Harris can take to help support communities stay intact through this challenging time.

We're committed to help support the struggling cafés around Australia so they can stay in business and continue to support the communities they serve. Our three-year partnership is to help ensure all parties feel supported and committed to a long-term partnership.

To put your café forward for support from our Café Recovery Project, simply fill in the application form on the right. Feel free to include details about how you've lost out due to bushfires or COVID-19 - whether that's meant struggling to pay bills or keep staff employed. And be sure to tell us about your involvement in the local community - from coffee mornings to club fundraisers, we want to hear about it.

Once all applications have been received and reviewed, we'll be carefully selecting cafés to receive the following support: 

Download the marketing pack here

  • Free Harris Café Blend Coffee. 100% Organic and UTZ certified blend of Arabica coffee, exclusively for cafes.
  • Free Harris branded BioPak takeaway cups and lids
  • Free-on-loan coffee machine and grinder
  • Full-technical support
  • Barista training 
  • Up to $5k value in marketing support
  • harris cafe blend_Beans_1kg-tiny-png.png

Applications for the Harris Café Recovery Project have now closed. We’ve been blown away by the entries we’ve received, highlighting how important cafés are to communities around Australia and the tough time they’re having at the moment. Big thanks to all those businesses that took the time to apply and the Aussies out there who shared a message of support for their local café. Check back here shortly to meet the cafés we’ll be supporting and hear their stories.

While applications have closed, you can still get in touch with us below to see if we can support your café via our standard coffee agreement.

Please see Terms and conditions.